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Designed by Dorota Karolczak

Directed by Walter Suttcliffe

Design assist Jobs list:

  • Pre production work = Research for the design set and costume, creating mood boards, using photoshop to create costume designs for each character.

  • researching for couches and various props even before rehearsal started.

  • Marking the rehearsal floor.

  • Source and look after rehearsal props

  • Source and look after rehearsal costumes

  • creating dressing area in rehearsal room - making sure the singers are comfortable.

  • work with assistant director to collect notes everyday.

  • Making sure that all of the rehearsal pieces not used are returned.

  • Work with the DT and each department away from Göttingen and inform them of all changes during rehearsals

  • Creating ground plans on Auto CAD and labelling them and sending to all.

  • Supervising and helping with backstage set up of props and set up of furniture.

  • Supervising Costume fittings assisting singers and taking photographs and sending them to all.

  • making design decisions and assisting the designer with new ideas/changes after fittingings and buying.

  • Constant research for original props set and costume pieces.

  • stage rehearsals, watch and take notes of sight line issues - set issues/colours textures in the light ect.

  • checking transportation and organising collection of original props set and costume, organising physical research going to shops and making phone calls/finding details sending emails to all possible contacts in the area.

  • Listing all props set and costume and constantly informing all departments of changes.

  • Listing all props set and costume for each scene and sending to all.

  • creating a scene by scene guide of costume props and furniture movements.

  • Supervising and sourcing and researching all set, props and costume as needed.

  • Sourcing costume pieces belts and props as needed, finding a workshop space to create these pieces before each fitting and then later to Magdeburg to use specialised tools.

  • Organising and helping with moving from rehearsal room to theatre.

  • supervising dress rehearsals back stage - quick changes.

  • preparing props tables entrances and exits.

  • Using set painting skills to create hole covers, re-painting two large walls adding wallpaper to four walls, wallpapering hole cover for every show. painting one large door, fitting plastic where needed.

  • using puppetry skills to re work dead dog - a day of work to change colour of dog and create wounds.

  • Patenting 100 bin bags.

  • Painting 4 large props/patinating furniture - the sofa with assistance of malsaal. 

  • Travelling to Magdeburg to Supervise and to myself patinate most costumes.

  • After travelling to Magdeburg patinating costumes that weren’t done by Magdeburg.

  • Sewing and making from scratch some elements of costume for example the Turban.

  • Set dressing every show before show and at the interval and helping the requisite where needed after the show.

  • organising and returning all props set and costume with each department.

  • Organising after the show all costumes and dismantling costume and props. with help of DT on props.

  • sending documents from the entire show. 

  • creating references and taking pictures for reproduction.

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