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Hannah Page Theatre designer | scenic artist

Training: Royal Welsh College of Music and drama BA (hons)

I have experience in designing and assisting in operas, musicals and plays, both in set and costume but also scenic art for theatre and events.


 I love the thorough research and taking references from each era of history, I enjoy being Imaginative with different textures and techniques, but also looking for the sustainable options. 

I also have experience in set dressing for TV and events and skills to make and design puppets and props.


 I have a keen eye for detail and always like to think out the box and solving problems in creative ways. 

I am passionate about saving the environment as much as possible and I have my own shop for recycling jewellery on Etsy: The Humble Thrift creating my own Logos and art directing my own shoots. 


 have forever been in awe of set and costume design since i was very young watching operas  that my parents were in. Not only have i been surrounded by music all my life but I have learnt music via the piano and the violin. I also have a huge passion for art. My favourite activities were and still are to visit all the galleries in London, and learn about the infamous artists e.g. 'Anselm Keiffer at the RA' and their styles to being influenced by this and developing styes of my own.  I have a degree in Performance design and often in dissertations I wrote about the links between the plays concept and its familiarity to a particular peice of art. For me performance design is so extremely exciting and challenging because of it's endless possiblities to combine so many art forms and to evoke such a range emotions from the audience.

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